Full Moon Barn Dance

Empty Hands, Full Hearts
& Music For The Soul

Sunday August 10, 2014


Open mic at 6pm

Leeann Atherton's Home
3600 S. 2nd St., map for directions.

JOIN US: For an inspiring evening of stories and songs that will uplift your spirit and bring you back to thinking about what is important in your life! The night will be filled with live performances from Nimo's love offering album, Empty Hands as well as local story tellers and poets, with themes dear to us all: Kindness and Gratitude. For more on the spirit of the Empty Hands Pilgrimage check out this inspiring video.

From an Ivy League education to working on Wall Street to burgeoning fame as an MTV rap star and then...to volunteering in the slums of Ahmedabad, India, Nimesh Patel (affectionately known as Nimo) has traversed both the well-worn path to "success" as well as a "road less traveled".

It's said "the longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart," and Nimo has quietly walked that path, which included giving up music altogether (including listening to it for a year), until recently spontaneously responding to the creative call again. Along the way, Nimo explored what it meant to serve people--working with a group of children in India to create a globally-toured arts show called Ekatva ("Oneness"). And in a way he rediscovered himself, in the process coming to embody qualities like kindness, generosity, and gratitude.

The range of topics Nimo's young life and work have touched are eclectic to say the least -- from higher education and business, to immigrant/diaspora experience, to music industry stardom, to service and non-profit work to just living a true, fulfilling, authentic life. 

On August 10h, we'll get to delve into some of those topics -- through stories and music -- and further inspire the powerful light that exists in all of us. All are warmly welcome.

The Empty Hands Album is completely offered as a gift, downloadable here



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Potluck means bring enough food and drink to share on the community table. Please watch your children and have them them close to you, for their safety. Remember to park smart, and be courteous to our gracious neighbors.

Please forward this on to your fabulous friends, because we want to have a good time!

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